Pixelogic - Picross Enhanced is a fun and challenging puzzle game for the iPhone, iPod and iPad where you use logic to reveal a hidden picture made of colored cells. Like a mixture between sudoku and minesweeper, numeric hints are used to uncover a pixelated surpirse. Don't choose too many incorrectly or it's game over.

This puzzle game is also commonly referred to as picross, griddlers, nonograms, and paint by numbers.

  • 115+ puzzles included, sizes up to 20x20
  • New puzzle for download every day
  • 1,300+ puzzles in the Daily Puzzle back catalog
  • Global stats show how you compare with other players
  • Unique interface allows you to zoom in while still seeing the rest of the board
  • Advanced puzzle creator

Reviews & Awards
One of iLounge's Top 100 iOS Games of 2010
“Pixelogic is the best take we've seen on the Japanese "illustration logic" or picross game, using numbers to build images on ever-bigger grids - like crossword puzzles for math fans.” - iLounge

Pixelogic is simply the best iPhone Picross game out there, free or paid. - GiantBomb.com
It's a clever game, and one that scales brilliantly to the deeper, more challenging grids later in the game. There's plenty of puzzles on offer in Pixelogic and there’s even free daily puzzles provided too, which is a welcome gesture. - AppTilt.com
Fantastic! It's quite literallyl the most addicting game I know of:) - Customer Review